Who Are We

We have a passion for disputes, and a goal of making them easier to understand. This website is designed to provide information to help you become more informed – but is no substitute for speaking to a qualified legal expert.

Our writers are either guest posts from people in the legal profession, who have been litigating for years, and know how to frame important issues; or written by our editors whereby we reference our sources.

In some cases you’ll also find opinion pieces.

The site also contains a wide variety of primary source materials that we have collected over the years that deal with litigation, dispute resolution and other areas of law.

We make no promises about the accuracy of the information contained herein. While we do our best to provide useful information, we do not take any responsibility for loss or injury resulting from its use or misuse by readers or others who may rely upon it for any reason.

Cases and materials on this site are presented in an effort to promote public understanding of law and the legal system; they are not presented as legal advice nor should they be used as such.

Anyone in need of legal advice should consult his or her own attorney in accordance with the rules of professional conduct in their jurisdiction. The content of this site is directed to professional audiences — attorneys and other licensed professionals.

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