How Much Should I Settle For Getting Hit By a Car?

The simple answer to this question depends on the severity of the damage that you get from the accident. The amount of money you potentially get may be higher if the person who is to be blamed for the accident is under an alcohol influence or negligent in some other way.

What is the Average Car Accident Settlement?

In the UK, the average payout for a whiplash and car accident claim varies depending on how bad the accident is. A brain injury for example is considered very severe and compensation payments can exceed £250,000.

Something like a facial scar would be considered less significant and compensation would be significantly less.

What is the Average Payment Specifically For a Whiplash Claim?

According to average payouts for a whiplash claims can be:

  • Between £1,000 and £2,300 for an injury healing within 3 months
  • If the injury takes longer than 3 months but less than a year, the average amount is between £2300 and £4000
  • For injuries that take between a year and 2 years the avg. payout is £4,080 – £7,410
  • For serious whiplash injuries where the affect is long term, the payout may exceed £100,000

Who is Responsible for My Compensation In a Car Accident Claim?

In most cases, the one that is responsible for paying your compensation in a car accident would usually be the insurance company of the person that hit your car. This is the simplest type of scenario that you may have throughout your life.

However, you might wonder what if the person that hit your car doesn’t have any insurance coverage?

In this case, you can file a claim to the Motor Insurance Bureau as they would help you get your money back in a case where the accident is caused by untraceable or uninsured drivers.

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