How much will I get for my personal injury claim?

Although a personal injury should never be seen as a way of making money, the truth is that you can do well when you claim for a personal injury.

For instance, the average payout for a personal injury in the UK such as whiplash, is currently around £10,450. Of course, it all depends on the severity of your injury. When you have more serious injuries, you can receive higher settlements.

Full And Final Settlement

It is important to realise that your payout is often a full and final settlement. What does that mean? It means that you can’t make a claim for the same injury again.

The payout that you receive, is meant to cover compensation and ongoing treatment. It is essential that you claim for everything in one go. An insurance company, or a court, is unlikely to provide you with an open-ended claim to carry on making claims for expenses.

Will The Money Be Paid Directly To Me?

On most occasions, the payout will go directly to you. That being said, if you have already occurred expenses associated with private treatment, a part payment may be made to the hospital or therapist.

Before you agree to a full and final settlement, it is important that you go through everything. If you have completed the claim yourself, make sure that you understand all of the minor details.

How To Claim

It helps to have a specialist solicitor or claims expert make your claim for you. Most home insurance policies include legal protection. If you can access free legal advice, it is a good idea to do so.

However, there are other routes including a no win no fee claim. Before you sign up for a no win no fee service make sure you understand the terms and conditions. They are not always what they seem. It is best to use a service offered by a solicitor or other legal expert.

The average payout for personal injury in the UK is not meant to be a yellow brick to a life of luxury. It is a compensation package offering you compensation and rehabilitation for your injuries.

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