What can you claim compensation for?

A court can order someone who caused you physical, emotional and financial damage to pay you compensation for the damages incurred. Compensation can help you to cover the following:

  • personal injury;
  • theft losses;
  • damage to property;
  • fraud losses;
  • loss of income;
  • medical bills;
  • travel expenses;
  • pain and suffering; and
  • losses, damages, or injuries caused to or by a stolen vehicle.

You need to report the incident immediately to the authorities (specifically the police) if you want to be awarded compensation. Information about losses or damages that you have suffered from should be disclosed completely. The police, then, will be handing this information to the Crown Prosecution Service. The Crown Prosecution Service will be making the request in court.


If for example the court has granted your compensation, the offender will be limited to what they can only afford and this will also depend on the court’s judgment.

Typically, an offender is not required to pay compensation anymore if they are to be sent to prison. The compensation amount may not also be able to cover the full amount of your incurred damages or losses and the offender also has the option to pay in instalments.

The court has the responsibility to make sure that the offender pays your compensation. To track this, the offender makes the payments directly to the court which the court, then, will hand over to you. If in case you have questions regarding any sort of transaction with the offender, make sure that you reach out to the clerk of the court or the court manager himself/herself as you are not allowed to discuss matters with the offender.

Compensation calculator

People tend to commonly think that injuries will automatically attract a specific amount. What people do not know is that critical aspects will all be taken into consideration when you finally make your claim. Critical aspects include:

  • personal suffering;
  • pain;
  • recovery time; and
  • any financial impact.

It’s almost impossible to predict how much you are to receive from the compensation accurately but you can expect to be compensated for your injuries to recoup your financial losses.

How long will I wait to take my claim?

All claim cases are unique—others are simple but others take too long to prove any fault—and there’s no definite time set for how long exactly the process should take. A personal injury solicitor you are working with will be able to give you an idea of your claim’s time frame, though.

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