Who pays the fee with no win no fee?

No win no fee applies between a client and a solicitor. In other words, an agreement is made between a claimant and the personal injury lawyer regarding the fee payment.

What does the agreement mean? As per the agreement, the client need not pay any legal fee to the lawyer if the case is lost.

The solicitor waives off all the legal costs that have to be paid to him if he loses the case. In case if the lawyer wins the case, then the claimant has to pay the legal fee as agreed. The no win no fee agreement came into existence after the government stops Legal Aid for civil dispute.

No win no fee agreement is also called a conditional agreement. The personal injury lawyer in common takes an insurance policy.

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The policy is taken on behalf of the claimant for covering the cost. The cost that occurs during the claim is covered under the insurance policy.

What are the expenses that are included in the insurance policy? Costs like court fees, medical costs, and other related expenses. No hidden charges are required to pay by the person who makes the personal injury claim compensation.

What will happen no win no fee agreement becomes successful?

In case of success, the cost is recovered from the party that is responsible for the injury. The other payment such as success payment is paid at the end of the case. The success fee is paid as the payment once the case is over successfully. Usually, the success fee is referred to as the percentage of compensation. This compensation is recovered by the client.

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